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Perfume - Meaning of Dream

Perfume seen in a dream, symbolizes some kind of unexpected and very pleasant gift, which you will receive from a stranger. If you buy a perfume when dreaming, in reality you shouldn’t live in a fool's paradise.

To inhale the scent of perfume foreshadows happy and joyous events. If fragrance is pleasant, in reality be ready for a romantic date; for a single girl, it portends upcoming marriage.

If you use perfume over your body, it is a dream-warning about undue desire for a luxury life, thanks to which there is a danger to remain without anything.

If you spray perfume on someone else or on your clothing, it portends the solution of problems with the help of flattery. If you spill perfume, it portends that you will lose something nice that made you happy. If the bottle of perfume crashed, your secret desires and important affairs will not be fulfilled, even if it was very promising at the beginning.

Scent of perfume in Miller’s dream book is interpreted as a cheerful and joyous adventure in reality.

If you use perfume, it bodes that you risk being cheated by a person whom you trusted.

If you can’t breathe because of a strong scent, in reality this may mean mental illness, which is a consequence of excessive enthusiasm for empty entertainment.

Spilled perfume is a bad sign, meaning the loss of joy. Broken bottle of perfume is a harbinger of unfulfilled desires and hopes.

If you were engaged in extracting the essences of perfume, it heralds that you will be lucky at the new workplace: employees and colleagues will be nice and interesting people.

If a woman takes a bath with perfumes, it forebodes that she will have some nice exciting events. If she receives a bottle of perfumes as a gift from a handsome man, it tells that she will have an opportunity to have fun relating to risk.

Freud said that if you buy perfume when dreaming, your relationship with a partner is reliable and durable. If you spill perfume, it portends a real possibility of pregnancy. If a perfume bottle is broken, it is a sign of discontent, dissatisfaction in a relationship with a partner.