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Petals - Meaning of Dream

Petals are a symbol of betrayal and the end of the relationship. No matter how beautiful they are, if the flower petals fall on the table or on the floor, it is a bad sign. Unfortunately, they indicate the relationships that come to an end. And this end is quite unpleasant; there won’t be any wedding, rings or proposals. The romantic feelings have disappeared and the distance between people is growing. The opportunity to renew the old feelings is a rare gift.

For people who are married, this dream will mark the period of crisis in the relationship. It is important to be attentive with a partner who suffers and wants love, because if he/she doesn’t receive attention in the family, most likely he/she will look for it out of the family in someone’s bed.

If you pluck the petals in a dream, in tells that you will be the instigator of discord and scandals. You should not rush the events and destroy long-term relationship; a person who is next to you is sent by fate. Of course, it is difficult to stand the crisis in relationships, but after all the bright sun of happiness and love will appear in your union. All the troubles will go away like a summer rain, and only colorful rainbow will remain over your heads.

If you tell fortune with the help of daisy petals, this is a good dream. It tells that your soul mate wishes to be closer to you, but there are some obstacles; so do not rush, and do not insist on marriage or children. You romantic hero will decide on such actions alone, if you do not scare him/her with your pressure ahead of time.

A dreaming about petals that fall from apple or cherry tree signifies the end of a romantic adventure, and life will become an everyday routine. Everything is calm and usually, there is no feeling of ease and dizziness. The people have grown together with the relations. The crisis will soon pass, but love will remain for years to come. There won’t be the same feelings and relations again, therefore, try to avoid fights, exercise more forgiveness and kindness. It is necessary to protect the union sent by God.