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Pharmacy - Meaning of Dream

Pharmacy in a dream means that in real life you usually put lots of efforts and follow many instructions in order to rearrange and establish your affairs and business.

For a person concerned with trades, such a dream means that he/she will have some matters which will not bring any profit.

For a pharmacist, dreaming about pharmacy is a sign of overtime work.

If you make a purchase in a pharmacy, it means that your business will be disordered soon. If the medication is overdue, it means that now you are powerless with your problems.

If you give medication to somebody, it means that it is time to correct own mistakes and start a new life.

If you look for something in a pharmacy but you don’t find it, this dream means that nobody will assist you; you have to rely only on yourself.

To buy food in pharmacy means that you can fall ill; be careful with your health.

For a woman, to observe the facade of pharmacy building means that she will meet a worthy, honored and rich man.

If in a dream you work in a pharmacy, in real life you will be inspired by excellent idea.

To go inside pharmacy means that you waste your money a lot.

If you see the repair of a pharmacy, it means that you will work hard and lose all your power.

If you see pharmacy in fire, you will have disorders in the relationships with a person, whom you have been dating for a long time.

To look for a pharmacy in a town means that you suffer from love, but can’t forget a person.

If you pass by a pharmacy in a dream, it means that you will not pay attention to advice about your life.

Apothecary in the dream is a reflection of threat for health. Pay more attention to your body and health.

If you see yourself as an apothecary in a dream, soon you will try to bring two people together, but it will cause you only unpleasant emotions and troubles.

To see your fellow man as an apothecary it is a sign of disorder and conflicts in family.

If in a dream you fight with apothecary you will have phenomenal achievements in private life.

To work in pharmacy means to change your present work to something more prestigious and high-paid.

In a dream you look for a medicine chest and you find it, this dream means that you are able to manage unexpected problems. If you need medicine chest but you can’t find it in the dream – in real life you will be surprised.

If you buy a medicine chest with overdue medicine – all your efforts will be ineffective.

If you use medicine chest in a dream, it means that you risk making big mistake in the nearest future.

To see empty medicine chest – means that you might be deceived by person you rely on in difficult situations.

If you search for drugs in a medicine chest, it means that you will need to help a stranger.

In case you can’t find a medicine chest in a car, it means that your present plans are doubtful.

In the dream you fill the medicine chest with drugs, it is a sign that you are worried about your health.