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Phosphorus - Meaning of Dream

If you dream that you see glowing phosphorus, it means that soon you'll have a happy event, which will bring you joy and pleasure. However, don’t hurry to rejoice, this event will be fleeting and short-lived’ after all you will plunge into a routine of gray days again.

If a woman dreams of glowing phosphorus, it means that she will "shine" in a new company. A bunch of suitors will surround her and give her all kinds of favors. All this will flatter the vanity of a woman, but will not have any serious consequences. She will appear like a star in the dark sky, but briefly she will disappear, however, leaving the pleasant memories for other people.

According to Freud's Dream Interpretation, if you see a dream about phosphorus, it means that you are very unordinary person, and your isolation and shyness do not allow other people see your qualities. Therefore, you are suffering from loneliness. You have to become more open and interesting person, and then you will feel that you are a self-sufficient person, who does not know failure.

In a dream book by Tsvetkova, phosphorus means that you will learn something secret from the life of your friend.

Dream book by Hasse: If you dream that you see phosphorus - you will flirt with a married man (married woman).

By Esoteric Dream Book: phosphorus – is a symbol, which carries the power of attraction and originality. If you see phosphorus in a dream, it is a sign that you will be delighted with the person with whom you accidentally met at a birthday party of your friend.

Many people want to get answers to their questions in a dream, although not everyone knows how to do it. But there are numerous techniques, allowing you to make such experiments.

Modern researchers of structure of the human brain believe that a person can have very useful dreams, which will be somehow implemented in real life. They say that the human brain is an ambitious computer, which has no equal among the other creatures of our world. The brain is able to process the information permanently. Even when a person sleeps, the work still goes on. It is not surprising that a person may receive some response to his/her concerns. It is known that the writers and designers often see the final version of their work in the dream.

More difficult is to understand the dream, which is connected not with your work, but with your desires. For example, if a girl wants to get married and she sees her wedding in a dream, it is not a sign that she will get married in reality right now.