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Photo - Meaning of Dream


A photo is a symbol of longevity. The longer you look at your photo, the longer you will live. This dream can predict a person a completely incomprehensible situation in which he/she will be the culprit. If you see your own picture in a dream, it is a sign of a sharp change; your life may unexpectedly change in a moment.

If you see photos of your enemy, this dream symbolizes a kind of victory over your enemies. Perhaps, at work you will gain a dizzying success, which will give you the opportunity to become the best.

Also, a photo in a dream may foreshadow the end of a long-standing feud, it happens in such a way that the conflict between the rivals will be settled, and there will be nothing else to share.

If you see a torn photo in the dream it is a bad sign. This dream predicts the dreamer a loss or even grief. In the first case, you might be a victim of theft, so it is necessary not to trust strangers offering assistance. In the second case, if the photo is torn in a dream, it can be the death of a loved one or a serious failure in business.

If you lose a picture in a dream and your attempts to find it are unsuccessful, this dream promises you empty troubles. Perhaps, the dreamer, exactly in the same way in real life, is trying to catch up, but he/she is not quite good at it.

If a photo is dreamed by a person who has own family, this dream can symbolize a misunderstanding between partners. Maybe recently a married couple no longer trusts each other, and this is the cause of obstruction. To save the relationship, it is necessary to analyze own relationship, sit down together, talk and listen to each other.

If a person looks at a family picture in the dream with positive emotions, it is a sign that there are no problems in a dreamer’s family. Children love and respect their parents, everything is arranged well; in general, there is abundance of everything.

But if you look in the dream at someone else's family photo, it means that you are jealous and you do not like your family relationship.

If you dreamed of photos, then most likely, you will meet a nice person. In this case, try to remember what (or who) was present on them.

If you see your photo in the newspaper it means false promises. There will be a lot of people around you, but their admiration for you won’t be real.

But if you just dreamed of photos and you do not know who was on them, then the dream indicates that you will soon be deceived. Be careful and do not trust rumors and gossip - make it a habit to check even seemingly obvious facts. Then the discomfort can be easily avoided.

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