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Piano - Meaning of Dream


A dream, in which you see a piano or hear the music played on it, is usually perceived easily by a dreamer’s mind. This dream indicates a fun and frivolous event that is going to happen to you.

If you listen to music in a dream, played on this instrument, it is a sign that you are going to be successful in business. Music is also a harbinger of good mood and absence of diseases for a long time. But if its melody is depressing, be ready for bad news.

If you dream of a broken piano, it is a symbol of irritation. You will experience this state of mind because of the failure in a major matter, on which you count. People from your environment may turn away from you, and you will have to prove your friends that you are worth of them.

The older is the piano, which appears in your dream, the more difficult will be the troubles on your way. In order to survive the run of bad you have to recall the advice of your friends, perhaps there is the solution to the situation.

If you dream of a girl playing a piano, it means that you are strong-willed enough not to lose your reputation and even make a stranger share your ideas. But do not neglect this power and do not overdo it - better select friends wisely.

Also, a piano can symbolize a quiet life, which you want to have. Do not worry - you will have quite bright future.

Dreaming of a piano is a good sign, indicating that everything will be like in a fairy tale, and you may even wonder how it can happen.

If you dream of a piano, it is recommended reading the meaning of the dream in the dream book. Thus, you save yourself from unnecessary and futile questions. After all, people tend to give dreams wrong interpretations and a harmless dream can ruin your day considerably if you interpret it incorrectly. Remember that this is just a game of the subconsciousness.

If you dream of very old piano, it means that it is time to analyze the mistakes, which you have done. Chances are that the fate thus hints that the lack of vigilance may lead to repetition of the same actions.

But if you dream of a modern piano in a good condition, it indicates approaching of fun events. A particularly interesting interpretation in a dream book by Miller explains the meaning of the music played on the piano. If the sounds are calm and pleasant, such a dream promises good health and success. If the sounds are strange and do not make up any melody, it means that you will have to do some annoying and unpleasant job, whereas it is not very difficult.

And if a girl in a dream played a complicated melody, which caused some feelings, it means that in reality her good friend will become her lover.

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