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Pigeon - Meaning of Dream

The pigeon, symbolizes freedom, the dream with these birds, portends changes in personal relations of the dreamer person.

If you try to catch a pigeon in the dream, it means that soon you will receive affection of your partner. If you finally catch a pigeon, it means speedy courtship and marriage with your soul mate. Marriage will be long and successful.

Failure to catch a pigeon is a symbol of frustration. Most likely a banal incompatibility of characters will cause a breakup with a loved one.

The answer to the question, what does flying pigeon in the sky in the dream means is unequivocal, the hope for mutual feelings with your partner will soon come true, and a woman will receive a marriage proposal from a loved one.

If you see white pigeons, it is a good sign. You will have a magnificent wedding with your soul mate, and a happy marriage will last for many years.

Bluish or black pigeon heralds melancholy. Most likely a couple will always have misunderstanding in relations; therefore they will cause heartache to each other.

To dream of a pigeon, means to meet love in a short time. This fateful meeting will divide your life into “before” and “after”.

If you listen to a cooing of a pigeon and talk to him, it means love, understanding and mutual respect with the partner. The couple will have a happy future together.

A pigeon with a tied message at the foot means good news that will soon come from a loved one. Expect for the message from day to day.

If the pigeon flies away, it means that the relationship with your beloved will not last long. Most likely the feelings will suddenly erupt and soon will disappear, and the pair will break up.

To have a dovecote in the dream means a large number of admirers who want your hand and heart. Probably have to make difficult choices among all his fans or groupies.

A large pigeon, symbolizes the guest, whom you will be very happy to see. It can be either a good friend or loved one.

If a pigeon is sitting on your hand in the dream, it means full trust of a lover. Most likely the same attitude he expects from his partner.

In the dream, pigeon is a joyful omen, but, as in the case of the other characters, the dream should be interpreted holistically, taking into account all the details of sleep and feelings experienced by the sleeper.

Seen dove in the dream carries positive energy in general, and heralds peace, love and prosperity. Pigeon in a dream can mean endorsement of any actions or decisions that a dreamer will make.

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