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Pike pole - Meaning of Dream

If you see a dream where a pike pole is used while extinguishing the fire, this dream means that you need to beware of hollow promises, which will break all your hopes. If you want to make your wishes come true, you have to rely only on your efforts, because no one is as optimistic about your future as you are.

To use pike pole in water or to push a boat from a shore wit hits help is a bad sign, you will encounter troubles. But it doesn’t mean that the situation is hopeless. You have to gather your strength and find the solution to the case. If you do everything correctly, it will be easy for you.

To prick somebody with a pike pole means that you have to beware of betrayal. In order to avoid it, try to pay more attention to your partner. It means not to control him/her but trust and show your love and care, so that he/she wouldn’t want to spend time with others.

If you see like somebody else uses a pike pole, it means that they try to fish out your financial secrets. After this dream you have to be careful in business and don’t become acquainted with anybody in the near future.

In a dream you catch a fish with the help of pike pole in winter, it means that you will seriously talk to your manager, who constantly mock at you. You will pull yourself together and will tell everything you think. After all you will deliver an ultimatum, which he will accept.