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Pin - Meaning of Dream

Pin in a dream is a warning about possibility to be fooled by people whom you trusted all the time.

To find a pin means to spend time in the company of old friends.

If you buy a pin, it means that you might suffer while defending somebody’s interests.

To prick yourself with a pin foretells you small troubles. To swallow a pin bodes induced risk. To lose a pin portends insignificant loss. Rusty or bent pin presages loss of respect, because of incorrect behavior. If a pin is broken, your reputation will be spoiled.

If you break a pin, it means that despite of your unsuccessful affairs you hope for better. Sometimes, such a dream means that you will receive unexpected news.

In a dream you see many pins and you tack something with its help, it means that you have misunderstanding with relatives, and there are a lot of different false rumors about you.

A golden pin in a dream foretokens a successful marriage with a rich man of high morals.

If you find a pin facing spike to you, it warns about a meeting with your enemy, who will try to harm you with all possible means.

If a pin facing you with flat end – you will have a happy acquaintance and joyful party with old well-known friends.

In a dream you pin it to your clothes, in real life you are very provident person and you take steps only in the right direction. Because of this, you easily avoid acquaintance with your enemies and are able to manage deals well.