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Pine - Meaning of Dream

Pine in a dream is a symbol of longevity. It is a majestic and beautiful tree in the coniferous forest, where it is so easy to breathe. Therapeutic volatile from these trees have the ability to penetrate into the body and help with recovery. You can go to a pine forest with fever and flu, and in three hours come back healthy. Not by chance, most resorts are located and surrounded by pine trees.

People, you dream of pines, have tremendous charisma. Many people, who once felt a surge of strength in surrounding of pines, keep coming back again to the mighty trees.

Hence, there is an interpretation of dream in which you walk in pine forest: it is a sign that you're a little sick, and mighty pines pass you information and invite you to visit the environment of pure therapeutic air.

The dream can be interpreted as following: it is time for you to have rest and relax, because you work in a noisy and dusty environment. It's time to stay in seclusion, consider future plans, and restore vital energy.

For children, pine is associated with New Year's holiday. If dreamed of pine at winter night, it's time to buy gifts. Do not forget to make a happy holiday for your loved ones, they expect wonder from you. You will have to play the role of Santa Claus or the Good Witch. Organize family campaign to the pine forest, and entertain yourself with skiing and sledding.

It happens that you dream of a lonely pine tree. It means that it is time to remember about forgotten girlfriend or relative. She's older than you; she is slim, silent, caring, kind, and wise. It is time to call her and ask whether she needs your help, or just invite her for a visit.

Dreaming of pines means that you have the opportunity to obtain valuable information from the dead, who surround a pine tree with thin haze in your dream. This is a sign that next to this tree there is forgotten and unkempt grave of a person considered to be missing.

A fluffy snow-covered branch of pine tree points to an ancient treasure.

If you look at the tops of the trees, it means that you are the dreamer and usually set unattainable goals. But sometimes wishes come true, especially before the New Year.

If you dream of a pine tree and your soul is not in peace, do not worry, you just need to remember relatives who have died, and ask their forgiveness. Note that this is a philosophical dream, and it suggests you to reflect on the essence of life. If you do everything correctly after such dream, you will experience family joy, will receive gifts, will have meetings and fulfill all your dreams.

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