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Pineapple - Meaning of Dream


Pineapple in the dream is a happy symbol, which could mean happiness, joy, pleasure, and all sorts of big profits. But in some context, it can carry a negative connotation. All depends on the total plot of the dream.

If you see a pineapple in a dream, all your troubles will likely soon be forgotten. If you collect pineapples, or they lie on your table, it means that success awaits you just around the corner.

If you ate pineapple in the dream, be ready to have a very pleasant event. This event will finally make you happy, and you will find the reason for being.

To buy pineapples in a dream means to have a big profit. Suddenly you will get to know that you are a rich person, but unfortunately it doesn’t matter what was the method of earning money.

If you cook or eat pineapple jam, it means that you will receive good news.

If you see the dream on the odd date, about eating pineapple for dessert, it means that you should prepare for the visit of guests.

If you see the dream on even day, about eating pineapple, it means pleasures and joy.

If you cut a pineapple in a dream, it could portend great strife or separation from a loved one.

If you see someone eating pineapple, it means that you will meet someone who will disappoint you.

To pick up fresh pineapple, it means that you have the habit of luxury and impatient nature. You used to take only the best from life, but you are not ready to give anything in return. This is also the source of your sexual problems.

To buy a pineapple, it means to be ready for a happy adventure that will bring you lots of fun and joy.

In the dream somebody presents you a pineapple, it's a sign that you will be successful in love.

If you see a spoiled pineapple in your dream, it will portend you misfortune. In order to avoid it, it is better to retell this dream to your friend.

If someone cuts pineapples in front of you, you will find an undeserved reproach of extravagance or lie.

If somebody treats you with a diced pineapple, you will be promoted or will have a good bargain.

To prick yourself while preparing pineapple, it means that you will be upset and frustrated with business, which then will lead to a grand deserved success.

If you dream that you eat pineapple, while attending a banquet or a party, you should take care of own health and relax. Perhaps you should pay more attention to your self-development and spiritual growth. Try not to make your life to be a pursuit of pleasure. And a little advice, be careful with the people you know.

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