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Pit - Meaning of Dream

Pit is the symbol of hardship and loss, immoral lifestyle. Pit often causes unpleasant associations. Indeed, no one likes to fall in it; and neither literally nor figuratively.

Pit can become a trap for inattentive walker, which can cause him injury, captivity and death from starvation. It's a trap from which it is difficult to escape.

Pit figuratively means more of social bottom. It has a direct relation to the decline in business, lowered moral principles.

If you dream of a pit, it means that all secrets that you've been able to hide will find its way out and will become known. This can include not only treason, but also any other shameful secrets.

If you fall into a pit it means that you are committing an immoral act in the eyes of society. Maybe you didn’t pay attention to this, but a dream warns: stop and think what you are doing wrong and try to avoid your indecent behavior. It will help you to keep your reputation and stay in touch with close friends and loved ones.

If in the dream you jump over a pit, it indicates your unserious attitude to your problems. Rather than pull yourself together and solve problems, search for a way out of a difficult situation, you just pretend that you do not notice it. You are trying to get over the real problems as if it doesn’t exist, the same as you jump over the pit.

A dream in which you were trapped in a deep pit and you can’t get out of it means that there is a person in your environment that wants to ruin your life.

If you dig a pit in the dream it means that in the near future you will have to overcome a lot of difficulties and solve many problems. But all efforts will be rewarded.

Pit is your current affairs which you constantly think of, it may be a job, project, or relationships with loved ones. You can dig in two ways – with arms and a digger. So, if you dig a pit with bare hands, this means only one thing - all the problems and troubles you will have to solve alone, without any help.

At work, you should be afraid of intrigues from colleagues. Also you should be afraid of boss’ anger. The only thing you shouldn’t worry about is family relationship. Relatives will always support and help you in difficult times. If the soil is loose and it is easy to dig it, the dream means that the problem will soon be solved. Moreover, you will make a minimum of effort for that. If you dream that somebody else digs a pit, it is a signal of the disease, not only of a dreamer, but also of close people.

If you dream that you use a digger, it means that in real life you have a patron, who will always help to solve any problems. This dream indicates that you will have little trouble at work, but it will be easily solved.