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Plank - Meaning of Dream

A lot of planks in the modern dream book portend a serious quarrel, which will be the result of a mere trifle. If you see the process of plank producing, it is a harbinger of the disease; for a sick dreamer it might be a sign of demise. If you dream about the planks in your house, it tells that now is the time to get ready for weddings, christenings.

If you drill boards, it portends successful embodiment of bold ideas. In reality you can achieve the long awaited desires, and get to know the answer to all important questions. If you walk along a wooden platform, you will have changes, which will depend on the condition of planks in a dream. New footbridge symbolizes good events; rotten and broken - something bad. In any case this dream advises to be vigilant. If a girl crosses the river on a fragile and rotten board, it portends worries because of indifference of a loved one. This dream can also predict other afflictions, such as shame. Conversely, if a board is strong and reliable, a dreamer will be able to overcome a significant obstacle. Sturdy boardwalk is a good sign, thus calling upon diligence.

Vanga interpreted a huge amount of boards as possible mass death of people because of dangerous disease. If you build something with the boards, you will surely win fame and respect because of unfailing work and responsiveness. A warning of loneliness is a dream in which you scrape and saw planks. In real life your sarcasm can deeply hurt others.

A board in Freud's dream book symbolizes a woman. Smoothly planed new board marks affectionate relationship with an intimate partner; rough boards indicate tensions. Buying in a dream planks, you seek to change the sexual partner in real life.