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Plant / Factory - Meaning of Dream

Plant is a sign of new acquaintances that in foreseeable future will bring you the benefits and profits.

If you see a plant of huge sizes, it portends a trip to the resort. But if you dream about the abandoned, dormant plant or factory, it promises unemployment.

According to erotic dream book a factory or a plant is a harbinger that a dreamer may be a witness or participant of unusual intimate relations. It is possible that participation in this activity can happen as a result of extreme intoxication. Chances are that a dreamer will be forced to be involved in it.

Freud stated in his dream book, that a large working factory is a harbinger of acquaintance with quite adventurous and active person. This person will charm with all his/her positive qualities, but in the near future, you will find out that all this goodwill and generosity was only cold-blooded premeditation. Moreover, it will be hard to escape from the “clutches” of a new acquaintance.

If the factory is destroyed or abandoned, it portends that the feeling of a dreamer towards his/her partner will soon disappear, and the reason for this is the lack of reciprocity.

In some dream books, a dreaming about a plant portends suffering from losses or theft. If you visit the plant, you can get some profit from a casual acquaintance.

A factory in a dream foretells problems at work and in school. If you see the process of building the factory when dreaming, it can bring significant benefits in all endeavors after all. If you walk inside a plant, you will face some losses.

If you dream of factory, it tells that you experience the time of business activity; it is possible that you climb the corporate ladder. But if you see yourself working in a factory, you will execute the orders at serious and responsible work.