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Plaster - Meaning of Dream

A dream, in which you see the plaster, putty, says that soon your gentle gusts of passion and physical attraction to your beloved will go into oblivion. You won’t be able to understand or explain the future changes of feelings, and the situation can’t be saved even with the help of arbitrary decisions.

If in a dream you use the plaster for its intended purposes on the window, in real life, your attention is focused only on your person; the problems of others: relatives or strangers are absolutely uninteresting for you.

If you are engaged in preparation of the plaster and applying it on the necessary surface, in reality you will be busy with routine, time-consuming and wasteful work. For a woman, this dream indicates the futility of her efforts to take over thoughts of a man she likes.

A dream, in which you massed up putty and it sticks to your fingers, tells about your biased perception of the environment. The reason for that is your daydreaming, your imagination paints images of non-existent people. If a woman sees such a dream, she will succumb into the temptation.

Hard parched putty promises wasting of time and money on the incredible entertainment in the company of friends who will not be pleased after all.

If you prepare the putty alone, it tells that in reality you will face an unexpected turn of events.

If you try to eliminate the surface defects using putty, you will have the explicit desire to conclude a truce with a friend, furthermore you were the provoker of a quarrel.