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Plums - Meaning of Dream


There are a lot of variation of dreams with plums, and here you can find one one your dreams and its explanation. First of all, you need to recall what the condition of plums was, whether it was green or ripe, soft or rotten, sweet or sour, or you might even see a plum tree.

If you see green plums, it means that you will have some discomfort in relations with family or with your partner. In order to solve this situation, you might undertake all possible actions, and they will be successful as your family will realize how much you need them. In case you see green plums on a tree, the situation in your family will be favorable.

If you see ripe plums it means that you will have happy moments with friends, and spend joyful time together. This is the time for relaxation and joint entertainment.

If you see yourself gathering plums from a tree in order to eat them, the dream means that your desires will be fulfilled, however at the end you will realize that the result doesn’t bring you as much positive emotions as you expected from it.

If you eat nice ripe and sweet plums, it means that you will have satisfaction in intimate relationship with your partner. If you eat plums with sour taste, this dream indicates your fears to be rejected. There are no reasons to worry, if you talk with your partner. Perhaps, your ideas of how to improve your intimate life will satisfy him/her. You just need to be more self-confident and develop your thoughts.

If you gather plums from the ground and discover a few rotten ones, which were about to eat, it means that one day you will realize that you are lonely and your dreams didn’t come true. In order to prevent this situation, you need to realize and analyze your behavior at the moment. Perhaps, you treat someone badly, and offend people without realizing it. Soon, they might leave you without informing you about it, but you won’t notice that until you need their advice or assistance.

If you dream of plums in summer, it is a good sign foretelling you wellbeing and health. If you see a plum tree in winter, you will have to face difficulties, which may disappoint you and put you off the stride.

Plum tree represents a dreamer. If it is green with many fruits and in good condition, it means that you are a person who is able to fight for your own hand and solve problems alone. Some people might think that you are a dangerous person, but that is only a perfunctory opinion, due to your willful behavior and active position.

If you dream of a dried out or hollow plum tree, it means that you underestimate your abilities, and your level of self-confidence is very low.

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