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Poacher - Meaning of Dream

To be a poacher in a dream means that somebody prepares unpleasant surprise for the dreamer. The worst thing is the fact that you do not realize from whom to expect the trick. But do not worry in advance; if you change your behavior the traitor may also change his plans.

If you catch a poacher in a dream, then you will do something which you will be proud of in real life. Most likely you will develop professional skills and it will help you to move up and develop in career. Now you should show your potential and convince your boss of your uniqueness, and his inability to find a better worker.

If you see somebody else catching a poacher and bringing him to responsibility, it means that you need to be ready for clear deterioration of the financial situation. Perhaps your competitors surpass all your expectations and their actions will catch you unawares. After such a dream, you better change the tactics of managing own business and you have all chances to stabilize the situation.

To see a poacher with a gun means expensive purchase (for a woman); and success in career (for a man).

If you dream of a poacher with a prey, you need to beware of betrayal and improper actions from people you trust. In this situation it is a subject to your family relations.