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Pocket - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed about outerwear pocket, it portends a high probability of sudden enrichment. If you dream about a pocket, in reality you have ill-wishers, who want to see your empty pockets.

If you dream of an empty pocket, in reality you may face substantial costs that will be reflected in your budget. A dream, in which you see someone else's pocket, indicates the desire to use the position held by you for personal gain, and this is no longer a mystery to others.

If in a dream you discover some items in your pocket that don’t belong to you, in reality you should be ready that your secrets or deception will be revealed.

If in a dream you find your hand in someone else’s pocket, it is a harbinger of a great trouble, and disorder because of your addiction. Leaky pocket symbolizes deprivation and lack of money. Your situation will improve if you fix the hole in a dream.

In Freud's dream book a tattered or completely torn pocket, symbolizes exaggeration of own imperfection that inherent in a dreamer, which prevents normal communication with the opposite sex.

For a woman, such a dream indicates a disease of the genitourinary system. Sewn pockets on clothes of men predict the imminent weakening of potential forces. If a woman dreams of pockets sewn on her clothes, in reality she might experience sexual coldness that is inherent in her. If a man has found a knife, a pencil, a gun or other object, symbolizing the male sexual organ, it tells that a dreamer has doubts about the loyalty of his sexual partner. If a woman had the same dream, it indicates that in reality she really wants to be reincarnated as a man. This is reflected in the desire for leadership in the family, and the mastering of male professions. A dream in which a woman puts some stuff into the pocket, tells about the desire to meet her intimate partner.