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Poison - Meaning of Dream

Poison is a symbol of trouble, problems, and malice. Human dreams are amazing and varied. They can dream of so many things at night. This can be a wonderful country and distant shore, expensive car and nice clothes. Unfortunately, not all the dreams are so pleasant.

Unpleasant and dangerous dreams and objects that you see, can seriously scare or leave a bad aftertaste for the whole day. After all, you shouldn’t make up own interpretations.

Nevertheless, not all anxious dreams mean something bad. And you check this while interpreting the dream with poison in it. It may be a powder or liquid or any other form of solid material.

For example, the poison in a dream may mean that you will be able to go through all the difficulties and trouble, only if you see your foe taking it. In all other cases, the dream is a warning to you. Try to find out who influences you badly, if you dream that you were poisoned. If you hold poison in your hand or you see other people doing this, it promises trouble. So it is better to try to get rid of danger.

If you dream that you throw or hide poison somewhere, you can overcome bad circumstances, only by making considerable efforts.

If you dream that a doctor recommends you to use some kind of poison as medicine, this is an allusion to the riskiness of the affair, which you going to start soon. Weigh the pros and cons, to be completely sure that the risk is very rewarding.

If you see that some of members of your family or children were poisoned it is unpleasant and even frightening, that is how evil forces try to affect you. Be alert and do not let anything bad happen to your family by surprise. When relatives or children are poisoned, it could be a harbinger of the emergence of unknown force.

If you drink poison by yourself intentionally in a dream, it is a sign that you are brave and can accomplish any risky action that is required. When someone dies in a dream because of using poison, it means that in real life you are doing something bad or have evil intentions towards others.

If the girl dreams of a poison, which she uses to get rid of her rival, it means that in real life she just does not know how to make her partner stay with her.

If you throw a bottle of poison far away, the dream interpretation of Vanga says that soon some event will occur able to change your life.

Therefore, depending on the circumstances, which you have in a dream, you should find the most suitable option of your dream interpretation.