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Pomegranate - Meaning of Dream


According to modern dream book, pomegranate seen in a dream is a symbol of great diligence and patience. Juicy pomegranate predicts getting some reward for own fruitful work, and great perseverance in affairs.

However, if in a dream you splattered juice over your clothes or body, it is likely that you will not have enough patience to perform an important job.

Family dream book gives a different interpretation of what the dream about pomegranate means. If you see pomegranates, you can be sure that you use your talents right and do not just waste it.

If a man sees in a dream, how his beloved woman gives him a pomegranate, it means that in real life he should beware that another girl will try to use all of her feminine charms to seduce and take him away.

In the case, that a man eats this juicy fruit in a dream, it means that in life, in spite of his caution, he still will get into insidious trap.

For a woman, to see a pomegranate in a dream, it indicates the boundary of reason and reckless behavior. However, she can usefully apply own talents thanks to unprecedented diligence and integrity that are inherent by nature.

According to love dream book, the dream about pomegranate indicates pleasure. If in the dream a person eats this fruit, in reality he/she decides to experience the non-standard or spontaneous sex, moreover will feel great after that and will get a huge amount of positive emotions and satisfaction. In addition, pomegranates symbolize the extraordinary sexual potency.

If you peel a pomegranate in the dream, it means that you prefer to delay pleasure, and then experience a full enjoyment. Because of this you are a truly excellent partner in bed.

Pomegranate is a sign of fertility and rebirth. Sometimes pomegranates in a dream may mean an addition to the family, but it will not happen in the near future, maybe only after a few years.

If you pluck ripe pomegranates, it means that you can safely expect a complete well-being and great success in all affairs. In addition, the dream means that there is protection from influential people.

If you stomp pomegranates, it means that you do not appreciate what is given by nature, but you will soon severely pay for it.

If you dream that you pluck unripe fruits from the trees, it means that in reality you might encounter some misfortune or trouble.

Rotten pomegranates are usually seen in the dreams as a sign of unexpected illness.

According to another interpretation, pomegranates can appear in the dream as a prognostic of upcoming passion and love. However, if you crush pomegranate in the dream, it means that in reality most likely you will do a lot of stupid things in the name of love.

In other words, almost all downers agree that pomegranates express sexual nature and love affairs. Perhaps, any man is pleased to see pomegranates in a cut, because it means that soon young and beautiful girl will fall in love with him.

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