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Pork - Meaning of Dream

Pork is a symbol of illness or joy. Raw pork means the disease, troubles; and cooked pork symbolizes joy.

In order to accurately interpret the dream, it is necessary to understand what pork is. This is meat, the part of the animal which has the nutritional value. Depending on the circumstances, in which a person dreams of pork, the dream is interpreted differently.

If you dream of raw pork, it means that you will have to face certain difficulties while performing a set task. But these difficulties are not insurmountable and should not be always negatively perceived. In order to determine what pork means, you should recall the quantity of pork in your dream: a large amount of pork is the evidence of welfare in your house and family joy.

If you take a knife to cut some pieces of pork in order to eat, this dream means that you will have a successful trading; if you do it for somebody else, it means that soon you will help someone or do charity.

If you dream of how you cook pork: grill, boil, stew, then you will have to find the solution in a questionable situation. In this case, if you dream of pork, it is necessary not to follow your schedule for a day. For example, if you have planned some financial transactions or serious business contracts, it is better to delay it for some time.

Dreaming of already cooked pork, regardless of the method of preparation, means that you continue to live with the thoughts of the past, and can not abandon. It is even possible that you are having a severe depression at this time.

Pork in a dream can indicate your and your relatives’ health condition. If you dreamed of pink pork, it means that in the near future you will have good health or will be on the stage of recovery, if you are sick at the moment.

If pork flesh has a dark red color, it could mean that you have a serious disease. Beware, and check with doctor as fast as possible.

If you feed someone with pork, this dream warns you about possible illness of your relatives.

Usually, esoteric dream book explains pork, as a sign of interference of high powers. They seek to punish the butcher because he has accumulated lots of negative energy, which was formed due to the suffering of living beings, which he killed for meat to sell.

Of course, raw pork is dreamed not only by butchers, but also by those, who follow the principles of vegetarianism. In this case, the dream may indicate a shortage of some nutrients that the subconscious mind recalls from the past, when the dreamer was still eating meat. That is how it transmits the information of the conscious part of the mind to tell that the body needs protein.

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