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Porridge - Meaning of Dream

A dream, in which you cooked the porridge, portends trouble, everyday problems and quarrels with family members. For a married woman this dream serves as a sign of trouble in domesticity; and for men this dream promises a serious conflict in the family caused by the confrontation of opinion.

If you have business in reality and you dreamed of cooking porridge, probably you have chosen a wrong partner or invested in a business that is a complete fiasco. This dream is particularly unfortunate for unmarried women, as it promises them unhappy love or unwanted pregnancy.

During the cooking the porridge burnt – this is a herald of great misfortune that happens in the family of someone of your close relatives or friends. In order to cope with this disaster you will have to spend a large amount of money.

If you eat porridge in a dream, this is a good symbol, indicating that soon your loved one will present you a nice gift, or your dreams will come true.

If you fed your baby with porridge, this dream bodes that your friends and family are going to come to assist you in solving serious problems, so you will be able to deal fast with all the troubles.

If you added milk, butter or seasonings to your porridge to make it taste better, this is a hint that using flattery in relation to your management or influential friends, you will be able to reach a lot, which you would never gain alone.

In Miller’s dream book, if you eat porridge with milk for breakfast, it testifies your fatigue and the need for care. Probably, recently you didn’t have a chance to rest, so you feel completely exhausted with persistent problems and the need to solve them alone; you dream about a person next to you who would take part of your troubles.

If a young unmarried woman dreams as if the porridge flows off, the dream tells that her future marriage will be saddened with constant quarrels with her mother in law.