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Poster - Meaning of Dream

Poster or other printed material in a dream means unauthentic information. Just pay more attention to what people tell you, and don’t be too trusting.

Bright and colored poster is a sign of good health and happiness. Don’t neglect to take care of own body and soul.

If you see a dark and dull poster, this dream normally forecasts alarming and bad news. But it won’t be as serious as it might seem initially.

If you stick posters – you will have conflicts, and possibly you will hear some new unpleasant thoughts about you.

A dream, where you scratch off posters, means that you will have argues with government or business competitors.

If you see somebody sticking posters on the column in your dream, it means that in real life you will have a fight with a friend, because of different opinions to the same issue.

To see your own picture on a poster means that you will have a big trouble. Try to find someone who will help you in case of emergency.

If the words on a poster are unclear, it means that you will be deceived; or will receive bad news.

Dreaming of clear letters on a poster means that you have to be ready for interesting events in life.

To read a poster means to start a favorite deal.

Poster, in love dream interpreter book, means that you get used to show off with your feelings. You never hide your worries, and soon all secrets of your private life will be revealed. You need to behave more modest, and tell your friends less information about advantages and disadvantages of your sexual partner.