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Pot - Meaning of Dream

A pot in a dream is a symbol of gossip and lies. If you saw it in a dream, get ready for unpleasant gossips about yourself. But, those are not gossips that can destroy your life or inflict serious damage. It will be just a nasty rumor in a small circle of people, most likely your friends. A pot may also foretell a lot of solicitudes and errands.

A pot full of water tells that it is time to arrange your life in the way you always wanted. But for women, a pot is a symbol of worries and gossip. If you happen to clean a pot, then you will face household chores and sewing. Most likely, something will break in your house and you'll have to replace the old thing with a new one; it is recommended to be sure to do this.

If you dream of a pot full of dirt or debris, then maybe someone spreads unpleasant rumors and gossip. Take a closer look at your surroundings, and decide whom you should trust and whom to avoid.

For a man, a dream about a pot is a hint to show determination and confidence. In a short time he will face a lot of tasks at work that will require his considerable determination.

If you dream of own reflection in a pan, it indicates that your conscience is not clear, there is something that you need to fix, for example, apologize to somebody.

Also, if you see a pot, you will witness the engagement of your friends. If you put the pot on the stove, it bodes a fierce quarrel or dispute. If you cook something in a pot, it is a prediction of material prosperity. If you cook vegetables, meat or other products in a saucepan, get ready for excitement and bustle, which you may suffer because of some pretty serious problems. If you marinate or pickle anything in a pot, it tells that illness threatens someone in your family.

In Miller’s dream book, if you use a lot of pots in order to cooks lunch, this dream indicates your desire to live intensely as possible and make as much actions as possible.

If you can’t keep an eye on all of the pots, and the food in them is either undercooked or flows off, then you are concerned about the idea that you do not have time to fulfill all your plans.

Empty pot is a bad sign, presaging that it does not make sense to hope for good luck in business. If a woman can’t find the proper size lid for a pot, this dream warns of possible unpleasant surprises that will occur at the most inopportune moment.