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Potato - Meaning of Dream

Usually potatoes in a dream predict some life events. For example, if you see that you eat potatoes, it tells that you will succeed in business. Your boss will notice your hard work and tenacity and will offer a new and interesting position with a very decent salary.

If you plant potatoes, this dream promises excellent prospects in personal and business life. Your loved one may make a proposal of marriage, and your management will offer a better paid job.

The rotten potatoes predict the onset of not very good period. Alas, the current state of harmony and joy will not last for long, so do not waste time and start enjoying the minutes of happiness now.

According to Miller’s dream book, potatoes symbolize profit and trouble. If you dreamed of potatoes, you can expect favorable commercial offer or a rapid career growth. Sometimes potatoes predict the good harvest of this product. Planting potatoes in a dream portends the achievement of significant success in the business area. Just remember: in order to make the dream come true, you will have to work hard; and then success will be not long in coming. Try to do everything possible and impossible to reach own well-being.

If in a dream you peeled potato, it tells that you will be unjustly humiliated. Be very careful and beware of envious and deceitful people.

Rotten potatoes warn: draw it mild with your attempts, the case could result in a complete failure. If you ate potato, it is a good sign, predicting profit and success in the near future.

If you saw already cooked potatoes - chances are that you have everything you want and you are happy and prosperous. Do not tempt fate, be content with what you have and do not chase unreachable. For a child, potatoes in a dream promise happiness and health.

Potato in a dream is one of the most frequent and common images. In this case it is important to notice the size of potato. However, regardless of size, potato usually symbolizes that in a short time you may go through the difficult times.

For example, if a woman dreams that she eats big boiled potatoes, this dream portends the move up the ladder of advancement. If you planted large potato, you can count on big luck and fortune, and it will be necessary to protect and take care of it, so it can multiply and grow.

If you gather (dig) potato it portends future success. The richer the harvest is, the bigger success and material prosperity you will gain in life.

If you dream of dirty potato and you try to clean the mud, this dream foretells gossip and disagreements with others.