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Pregnant - Meaning of Dream

If a young woman who isn’t pregnant in reality is seeing a dream in which she is, such a dream denotes that she enters a new life stage. She’ll have to take additional responsibilities very soon. Also, she will be reconsidering her whole life: her role in it and the lives of other people, her made or planned contributions, her vocation and her priorities. It is time when she is becoming more mature that’s why the system of values may vary. Maybe, she is about to regard herself in a new role (in the one of a mother, for example).

For a woman who is already pregnant such a dream forebodes successful and easy delivery. Congratulations! Still, she shouldn’t relax. She has to adhere to doctor’s prescriptions and keep regular hours not to do harm to a baby and herself.

A dream in which a spouseless girl/woman is pregnant is unfavorable for her. It presages a break-up with her beloved. Most likely, it may happen because of his betrayal. Don’t be upset. You’d better think whether you’d like to have such a treacherous person beside you for the rest of your life.

It is a bad omen for a virgin too. It threatens her with humiliation. Beware of the situations where you can lose your face as well as the people who are slippery and don’t treat you well. Unfortunately, their opinion can greatly influence everybody else’s. That’s why you may suffer both emotionally and financially.

If it is not you who is pregnant in your dream, but somebody else, it stands for significant income and enrichment in the nearest future. You’ll be unbelievably successful in signing quite profitable agreements and involving new partners and clients. It is time when you shouldn’t relax, but work hard.

Being in labor in your dream is a sign which tells you to be very cautious. Be especially careful crossing a street, driving a car, swimming in a pool, walking when it is dark outside. Some danger can threaten you. Also, pay decent attention to your state of health. Don’t grudge money and time to apply to a doctor if there are some concerns about your health. Keep a healthy and active lifestyle.

A dream in which you’ve decided to terminate pregnancy reminds you to be attentive to your words and deeds. If they are not consistent and reasonable, they can make the people from your surroundings angry with you. Moreover, it can happen that they will make you regret.

If a man is pregnant in his dream, such a dream has a few interpretations:

He is psychologically ready to have a child and raise him/her.

According to some circumstances, he has doubts about his capability to have a child.

It is a display of affection and love towards his partner; he wants his present beloved to deliver him a baby.

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