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Prepayment - Meaning of Dream

To receive prepayment in your dream is a sign of reliable support. If it happens on the workplace with a cashier, it means that you should defend the rights for something which belongs to you.

If you receive prepayment in coins, this is a sign of small troubles, sometimes tears. If you have it in big bills – be ready for unexpected journey for a long distance.

If case in your dream you still need to work for your prepayment – in real life you will get increase in salary.

If you hear somebody demanding prepayment, this dream warns you that soon somebody will interrupt your affairs.

If you have debt in real life and receive prepayment in your dream, it means that you will repay your debt and nothing will destroy your wellbeing.

If you give away your prepayment to yourself, it means that your affairs will be profitable.

If you sign a statement about receiving a prepayment but you don’t receive it – soon somebody will please you with a present.

If you spend all your prepayment in your dream, in real life you will face problems and you will have to borrow money.

If you lose your prepayment in your dream, you will need to spend all your time and efforts on your family affairs. Soon you will get some news from old friends. If somebody of dreamer’s relatives receives his/her prepayment, it means that a dreamer will be dependent on them.

If you were promised to receive a prepayment, but you didn’t get it, it means that soon you will be lucky, but not in material matters.

If you count your money and notice shortage, it is an unpleasant sign that you might have problems with payments.

To receive prepayment in time means that your offers will be considered and maybe you will fall in love.