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Present - Meaning of Dream

To determine the meaning of presenting something in a dream, you need to pay attention directly to the present and emotions which you or other people experienced in the process of presenting. The very process of giving something is quite symbolic,in fact, it is a ritual that can please, upset, and sometimes hint at anything.

The process of presenting itself is very complex and multifaceted, therefore the dreams are also sometimes difficult to decipher.

To present a gift and experience joy is a good sign foretelling pleasant events in life, and small changes. Most likely, the surrounding people will also treat you the same. In any case, you shouldn’t expect anything bad from this dream, even if someone was disappointed with a gift.

If you present a gift, which was recently presented to you it means a big waste, reminder of the old debt, or request of large sum of debt from your close people. Still such debts are short-termed and are paid of very quickly. Also, be ready for attempt of someone to cheat on you or deceive you. Moreover do not part in lotteries or gambling, or any other questionable matters involving money. At work, you must behave very carefully.

To present a souvenir or a postcard is a sign pettiness of the person whom you give this present. Most likely, you have unresolved deals, quarrels or dispute with this person.This dream can "push" you towards reconciliation or communication with a partner. This dream is classified as cyclical, meaning it can be repeated at regular intervals.

If you present a gift in a colorful box with a bow without knowing what is inside, it shows that you are inclined to pessimism, suspiciousness, and incredulity. Often this dream means deep dissatisfaction with own work, or distrust to a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend. For lovers, it is an omen of separation.

To give a present to a friend or a relative in a dream demonstrates a deep respect and admiration for them. You have a sincere desire to make a person happy.

If a gift is presented to a manager, it does not mean the desire to move faster up the career ladder, it is a sign of deep respect for him and wish to be like him/her.

If you give a present to a stranger or enemy, it is a sign of extravagance in real life, perhaps you do not notice how your money are running out, as they say, through your fingers. Perhaps after such dreams, you may remain with nothing, if you do not reconsider your attitude towards money. Also this dream is a sign that you are trying to please everyone, to be good, or rectify the reputation.

To give a present to a dead person is a very bad sign. You transfer part of your tranquility or part of health to a deceased. This dream often seen after the death of relatives or close friends, when the dreamer feels that he/she did not pay due attention to the deceased and had not spent enough time with him/her. Also this dream can be a signal of a nervous tension.

If a deceased relative presents you a gift in a dream, it is a very good sign. Be ready for gift of fate, pleasant news, and fortunate circumstances. In those days, you can take risks, sign important contracts, and participate in transactions that will be lucky.

If you present unnecessary for you thing (or do charity), it means that you want self-realization, but you can’t make it happen. This is a desire to live not only for you but for others.

If you regret of giving a present and want to keep it with you, it means either your pettiness or difficult financial condition. A person may not have enough personal items, clothes, shoes, or money for everyday expenses.

If a gift is made with your own hands, it is a sure sign of being in love with the person whom you present it, and the longer you did it, the more long-standing your feelings are. If you see the process of making a gift, perhaps you protect your feeling and don’t want to demonstrate it.