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Pressure - Meaning of Dream

If a dreamer exerts pressure on one or a few people, it bodes that in the near future he/she will be able to get everything he/she wanted; though it will not be earned by honest means.

If a young woman (man) dreams as she/he is getting married under pressure of relatives, it foretells that in real life after marriage, her/his life will change globally, and probably not for the better. So if she/he sees this dream on the eve of the wedding, one more time she/he should think through everything carefully, in order to make the wedding day the most memorable and wonderful experience, not just a mistake.

To see and feel pain in the heart, and have increased blood pressure portends that in real life, the dreamer will be shocked and horrified.

Before interpreting a dream it is very important to know the very meaning of a subject. The first meaning of the word pressure is negative, moral or physical impact of one person on another. The second meaning is connected with medical themes, such as: blood (arterial) pressure.

Usually decrease or increase in blood pressure indicates inappropriate body state.

To dream of the pressure that comes from unknown person, in relation to a dreamer forebodes that soon he/she will have difficult days that may occur because of naivety and weak character. Also, the dream suggests that you need to trust strangers and unfamiliar individuals less; otherwise you can get into trouble.

Dreaming as if you feel the pressure on your right hand heralds the emergence of a true and reliable friend; on the left hand - the emergence of soul mate in life.

If you measure your pressure, it hints that you should pay more attention to your health. In order to do this, six months you should pass examination of qualified professionals, and to drink vitamins.

If your parents measure pressure, you should warn them about problems with health.