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Prisoner - Meaning of Dream

In the interpretation of such dreams you should attach a great importance to the fact how a prisoner looks like, what are his clothes, with whom he/she is talking, in which emotional state is he/she. All of these details will help you to get the most accurate meaning.

If you dream of a prisoner who is sick and it causes your compassion to him/her, it predicts that in reality you will have to face accusations and claims.

Escaping prisoner in a dream means that you will be able to get rid of annoying person in real life. This dream is directly showing you who is going to participate in changes in your life. For example, in the features of a prisoner, his/her walk and manner of talking, you can trace some familiar features of a specific person from real life. Hence, all the predicted in a dream will be associated with him/her.

Dreaming of a prisoner who is ready for an execution means a big change in life. With the help of the accompanying symbols and general sense load of a dream you can understand in which sphere you life is going to change.

In the event that you see yourself arrested, then it is a sign of desires fulfillment.

If, after the arrest you were moved in a prison ward, then this dream signals about a happy family life.

Some dream books reinterpret such a dream differently. It says that such a dream indicates trouble and fear of the law because of minor violations in real life.

Dreaming of mass arrest of strangers means that all your plans in real life will not come true.

In general an image of a prisoner is rarely filled with fatal meaning. Basically, these dreams indicate immediate everyday events.