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Prosecutor - Meaning of Dream


If you’ve seen a prosecutor in your dream, this sign can be interpreted rather differently. Let’s have a look at the most widespread meanings.

Seeing a prosecutor in your dream means that you may be accused of something very soon, although it is unknown whether the accusation will be official or not (you may not break the law; your colleagues, friends or strangers may blame you for something) as well as whether you’ll be really guilty or not. Generally speaking, you can hardly prevent or avoid this unpleasant situation, especially if there is nothing to blame you for. So, behave as usual but be more attentive to the events and people around you. It can be so that there are people who strive to cast a slur on your reputation among your good acquaintances. If you’re accused of something unfairly, defend yourself, save your face!

If you are hearing that a prosecutor is presenting an indictment in your dream, it is an unfavorable sign. It denotes that you have a lot of evil-wishers around. It is only you who can find an explanation for such an attitude. Most likely, those people just envy you. They want to have something that you already have but cannot afford it due to some reasons. In such a situation, don’t pay attention to them at all, although you’d better beware – you cannot know what those people have on their mind. There is another explanation though. Maybe, you really offended them or behave inappropriately towards them. Don’t forget that the reason can lie in you. Perhaps, you need to reconsider your attitude and relationships with the members of your surroundings.

Being a prosecutor in your dream signifies that soon you may bring disgraceful actions home to your friend or a good acquaintance. If this person has really crossed the line, it’s your duty to make him/her come down to earth. If you are a good friend, you are to point at this person’s mistakes. It is his/her personal business how to accept the criticism – with understanding or hostile attitude towards your opinion. It is also important how you will present your point of view. Try to do it with an explanation, not too strictly and without burning indignation. It is a guarantee that this person will hear and apprehend your words.

If in your dream a prosecutor is writing out an arrest warrant, it cautions you against taking part at suit at law. Your role here is unknown. Don’t be depressed! It doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a threat for your freedom or property. You can be just a witness, for example.