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Protector - Meaning of Dream

In a general sense, if you dream of a protector, it tells that you are a person of honor, who does the right thing and in the future it will be certainly paid off with kindness and care of people around.

It happens that a dreamer sees himself/herself as a protector/defender. In this case, the dream books predict the award for his/her behavior in the form of recognition and support of other people in reality. In addition, it indicates his/her well-developed intuition that helps to make the right decisions.

If in a dream you walk down the street and you feel the lack of support that makes you experience loneliness and sadness, because you can’t trust anyone and no one protects you - this dream states that you don’t have such a person in real life as well. It means that your inner worries were transferred into the dream.

Since the dawn of time people were interested in their future, so they performed magical rites or read the cards. In addition, they were attracted by the mysteries associated with their dreams. For example, when dreaming of certain situation, they tried to carefully analyze it and draw their own conclusions, after all they wrote dream books which now we can easily us in our needs.

However, at the present time people create new dream books with different situations and interpretations. For example, a dream about defender is interpreted as an omen of good news and help from outside.

If you dream of many people who defend you from something, it tells that in a short time you will meet with influential personalities.

When interpreting the dreams about defender, a dreamer should pay attention to own emotions. For example, if a dreamer is a hostage of situation which he/she plans to deal with alone, it indicates that in real life he/she behaves the same, and often reject proposed help.

As a rule, the situation seen in a dream is the reflection of the one which could happen in real life. In this case, the main thing is to analyze it, and not to make mistakes further. And of course, it is necessary to learn to understand own subconscious mind, which points out some dramatic changes in the environment when dreaming of defender.