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Psychic - Meaning of Dream


They say that the dreams in which you see a psychic/psychics are usually prophetic ones. That’s why you’d better treat them seriously. There are several interpretations of them. The general meaning is negative. Seeing a psychic in your dream implies that you can get into serious troubles. Moreover, you won’t be successful, especially in your business affairs. To achieve even the tiniest victory, you’ll have to work really hard.

Seeing a medium in your dream warns you against getting into a trouble. It’ll be rather difficult for you to solve. Also, it can bring many negative consequences which may affect your welfare. Not to suffer financial losses, beware of suspicious business partners. There can be swindlers among them. Check their history thoroughly and don’t hasten to sign big budget agreements with them. Listen to your sixth sense. Sometimes, it is more useful than reasonable argumentation. If you cannot solve this problem still, you can apply to an experienced psychic. His/her advice can be rather useful for you.

Also, such a dream designates that soon someone will entrust you with his/her secrets. This person expects that you will treat them decently and keep them by all means. Think about how this person trusts you! You cannot betray him/her, although there may be an intense temptation. Perhaps, you’ll think over an opportunity to sell this person’s secret for quite good money, or you’ll wish to win somebody else’s confidence at this cost. Even a thought about this makes you a mean person. You’ll fall in the esteem of all your acquaintances and friends when they find it out. Furthermore, remember that it will necessarily catch up with you.

Being a psychic in your dream signifies that you must beware of deceits, especially in the nearest future. There are many evil-wishers around you, though you couldn’t even suspect this. Because of your conflicts with rather sly people, you’ll have to change a job or even an occupation. Also, such a dream suggests that someone dear to your heart extremely needs your help but is ashamed to ask for it. If you feel his/her hesitation, offer your help. He/she will be very grateful.

If you’re seeing a psychic in your dream who is unable to solve your problem, it is really a favorable omen. It implies that it is within your depth to cope with it on your own. Believe in your abilities. Stop to underestimate yourself. When you think that you won’t manage with some trouble, have a try and you’ll assure yourself in the opposite.