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Pupil (Apple of the eye) - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a pupil that doesn’t belong to a human eye, for example an animal pupil, it indicates that you have overworked and you need rest; also it may hint about the eye infection, and it is better to see an ophthalmologist. If you dream of a fallen out eye or a toy eye, it indicates worries about own life. In this situation the private conversation with a psychologist will be the best solution.

A glass eye with a painted pupil predicts the situation in which you are afraid to suffer at the hands of swindlers or robbers. Therefore, important negotiations and business is better to delay for a few days. If you dream of fiery pupils, it bodes the betrayal on the part of colleagues or business partners.

If you see just a pupil without the whole eye, it could mean that you will get into an awkward troublesome situation, because of a stranger. You need to be careful in dealing with people and remain unprovoked.

If, on the contrary, you are dreaming of eyes without pupils, this dream indicates the overstress of nervous system. If the pupil in a dream horrifies you, it tells that your intuition will help you to find the right solution. You need to listen to your inner voice in the near future.

If you dream of a vague eye outline and the mydriatic pupil, in real life you may be hurt or betrayed by close friends.

If in a dream you see a man with dilated pupils (over the whole eye), it can mean a danger on the road. If you are vigilant enough, you can easily avoid troubles.

If you dream of a bloody pupil because of injury, it symbolizes a danger. In reality, the danger awaits the person, whose pupil was injured. Knowing this interpretation, everyone can protect themselves and their loved ones from the turmoil.