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Question - Meaning of Dream

Modern dream book say that if you are tired of the unknown and constantly ask questions to people whose opinion is important for you it is a sign that in reality you follow moral principles and rules accepted in the society. You will appreciate such features of character such as honesty and fairness, and very soon you might earn the trust and respect of others.

A dream, in which you are unable to understand any particular phenomenon or subject and ask a question about it, shows that in upcoming future you will experience mixed feelings about own lover. On the one hand, you will experience strong jealousy, and on the other - you will be ashamed of own thoughts and suspicions about possible betrayal of a loved one. If in a dream someone asked a question that you could not answer or did not want to answer, be prepared for the fact that a person whom you trust, colleagues or business partners will seriously let you down.

Question in dream book of Miller: asking someone questions to fully understand anything is evidence that in reality your soul is plagued by doubts about the loyalty and honesty of the one you love. You are trying hard to get to the truth, whatever it may be, but you are also afraid to make the wrong conclusions because of someone's lies.

Asking questions is a symbol of your desire of justice. Soon circumstances will make you defend the truth and justice, and eventually you will succeed, thereby gaining a deep respect from others.

If in a dream you had to answer a variety of questions, then, in a short time someone will decide to perform a mean-spirited and unjust action towards you. You should take special care to make important decisions and to refuse questionable proposals relating to business or work.