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Quince - Meaning of Dream

Quince in a dream is a sign of success in love affairs with opposite sex. Of course with opposite, anyways people will start judging you. But if you have the desire to experience something new and try unisexual relationships, be ready for slanders and misunderstanding.

If you pick up quince fruits, this dream means that a person whom you love is not as good as it might seem. If you want to have strong relations in future and trust a person, you need to check his/her propensity to betray at the beginning.

To shake a quince tree means to risk losing love because of your obstinacy. So do not be very persistent if you see that your partner doesn’t agree with you in something.

To eat quince fruit means to have power to manage strong love attraction. Bite and peel the quince – in the next two weeks you will receive unexpected financial profit/income.

If you feel sour taste of quince – be ready for bad news.

If you peel a quince and see that it is rotten under skin, most likely you will be offended and disappointed.

To see this fruit from a distance without approaching means to get some unexpected and unbelievable news about your friend.

If you make your way through thorny quince spinney you will be surprised with something bad.