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Rabbit - Meaning of Dream

It's not a secret that rabbits are among the most productive animals, so the dream about these mammals is a sign of profit and prosperity. Especially if the rabbit is white, it portends positive life changes.

If you see a white rabbit, the interpretation states that you have a desire to become a parent (even unconscious desire). For married people, this dream portends fidelity; for lovers - reliability, durability of relationships and feelings. In addition, the trust to each other will become stronger, and the original feelings will remain unchanged. Very often white rabbits promise prosperity and wealth. For entrepreneurs, it promises incredible success in business, as well as huge profits.

If you eat a rabbit, you will have to split from a close friend. If a rabbit got cornered, it forebodes that your loved one will be offended, not necessarily by you.

Frightened rabbit that run on the road is a sign of misfortune. This dream in the first half of the week promises dangerous situations.

White rabbits in cages portend significant increase of financial status. After such a dream, you should work twice as much, and your future financial condition will improve. Money can come from the most unexpected sources or you will receive an offer to start a very profitable business.

If rabbits play with each other or with you, it forebodes a lot of fun with children in reality. In family you will find many happy everyday events, because these animals always bode purity, love and fidelity. Female rabbit with cubs is a sign that in a short time a child will be born in your family.

If you chase a rabbit, this is a bad sign. However, if you caught it, the dream promises incredible success and good fortune, and victory over the enemies. Dead rabbits foreshadow diseases and losses.

If a dog is chasing a rabbit in your dream, it tells that you will become an initiator of conflicts. If you killed a rabbit, you might face inappropriate behavior and fights, which can greatly undermine your reputation. Therefore, you must try to avoid conflicts, as well as to control your emotions and actions.

If you shoot rabbits, you have to be careful during long trips and travels.

In Vanga’s interpretation a white rabbit is a sign of loyalty of a loved one, harmony in family relationships, happy dating and romance. In addition, get ready for life changes.

In modern dream you can find such interpretation: if the rabbit was white and then changed its color – get ready for unpleasant rumors and gossip.

Grey rabbits in a dream may portend sudden obstacles or unforeseen events. In general this image is not as good as the white rabbit, therefore if a grey rabbit runs from you, this is a good sign.

Black rabbit reflects dreamer’s fears. If a black rabbit runs circles around the dreamer, it tells that a dreamer is often confused in life, makes rush decisions and then regrets about them.