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Race - Meaning of Dream

Race in a dream reflects an intentional impact on a dreamer in real life. If you take part in the race, it foretells that you will undertake much in attempt to defend your point of views and principles.

Presence in the race as a fan indicates that you can’t take responsibility for own actions. To become an accidental witness of the race recommends to be careful and vigilant, not to succumb to passion, as you may be involved in illegal business, which at first sight seems to be very profitable, but in this situation, the risk will not be a noble deal.

If you emotionally discuss the race results in the presence of your beloved one, it means that you are mature and ready for a serious conversation with her/him, but do not know how to start, and deliberately delay this conversation.

Race is a reflection of a state of competition, and reflection of depending on someone else's opinion. You need to liquidate the feelings of pressure; no need to compete with yourself. It is a reminder that each person is unique, and there is no need to compare you with someone.

Watching a race as a fan from the outside means that you are accountable for own actions, your hidden deals will be revealed, and your deception will be known.

If you race alone with no competitors, it tells that you enjoy the process and wait for reward, and then you will be able to stop and rest. For a young girl, getting married to a racer warns against rash decisions.