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Rain - Meaning of Dream


There are a lot of interpretations of rain in the dream, let's check the most common ones.

If you see the rain in your dream with hail it means that in order to make a profit in business you will need to make greater efforts. However, it will be more than feasible, and the final result will be stunning.

Rain in a dream, accompanied by thunderstorms, lightning flares and thunder is a harbinger of any unforeseen events or circumstances.

These events may pleasantly surprise you, as well as bitterly hurt. Therefore, you must be mentally prepared to accept news no matter what it is.

According to some dream interpretations, warm autumn rain is a sign of fortunate events that are expected in the future. Hopes which you cherished for a long time will soon come true. Rain with thunderstorms regarding to the dream book is a warning to the dreamer.

Someone might say "it's sad and nasty weather", if they see rain outside the window. But for some people there is no bad weather, and when it is raining and you stay at home, it is nice to wrap into a warm blanket and watch as raindrops running down a windowpane. And how wonderful in summer to get under the warm rain and cool off after the sultry heat.

However, this article focuses on the rain not as a phenomenon of nature, but as the meaning of dreams. So to dream of rain is a good symbol that combines concepts such as fertility, abundance and prosperity.

The person who saw the dream in the near future will be lucky and successful in all areas of life. During this period, you can start any new business, as it will be successful and after a certain period is sure to bring a profit.

Rain in a dream represents the turning point in your life. If you dream of a chilly weather and finely drizzle it means that you shouldn't rely on luck in the near future. During this period, it is necessary to "lay low" and not to take serious steps.

If you dream of torrential rain, warm and pleasant then the dream is a clear harbinger of success and fulfillment of all cherished desires. It means that luck turned toward the dreamer, and will accompany him/her during this period.

When you dream of rain, you should pay attention to its drops and its contact with the body. If you feel a pleasant touching it means that the changes are coming, and there will be happy and successful times.

If you feel cold rain drops, which sharply fall on your body it is a symbol of trouble and misfortune. If you see such dream you shouldn't get upset or lose heart. In this situation, it is not necessary to start new deal or make plans for some time. You need to wait, let the "rain calm down" in your life, and then "the sun will shine".

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