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Rainbow - Meaning of Dream

Rainbow is a symbol of the happy ending of any business. This sign is an auspicious omen in its every manifestation. It remains only to recall the details of sleep to find out the scope of activities in which the support of good luck will be the most powerful. And then, of course, act as there are so suitable circumstances for this.

For example, what to expect if you had seen in a dream a rainbow that stretches above the forest, almost touching the tops of trees with its multi-colored cloth, for such dream the interpretation is very positive. Colored arc in such situation symbolizes support of higher powers, which are willing to assist in any difficult activity. Of course, only those initiatives will be supported, which are not aimed to harm others. So do not try at this time to make the filth. But the beginning of a new project, with which you can beat your competitors and detractors, will be very successful.

It is also interesting to know what a rainbow means for farmers. In this case, they can be sure of good harvest and not worried about fields and plant beds. Trouble and major disasters will bypass them. Of course, if the farmer will exert the necessary effort. And then the harvest will be noble, and other things will be supported by supernatural forces.

Especially joyful interpretation prepared Miller dream book, for lovers. If they are lucky enough to see stretched along rainbow in the night sky, it all points to a large family fortune. In other words, all things will be in their favor.

Initially a rainbow has a value of hopes that all human activities will be successful. Therefore, during this period you should start new businesses, open projects, get a job, or get the additional education. In any case, the rainbow, it is always a good sign that promises only the happiness and enjoyment of life.

If lovers see rainbow hanging over the field it is a good sign. After all, rainbow in such dream is a symbol of mutual love, which will subsequently build a good, close-knit family, not knowing the grief and misery.

If you dream about a rainbow over the river, it means a long road over a big distance in the near future. Moreover, such trip would be not only interesting, but also successful. With it you will get a lot of new connection which will be useful in consequence in life, and during this adventure can buy something worthy. After all, any type of investment in a period of time will be more than profitable.

Also, if you read the dream book of Vanga, after seeing the dream in which the rainbow hung over the forest, you can find out that this is a good sign. Indeed, in this case the world of dreams says that soon you will be extraordinarily lucky, and will open incredible possibilities and opportunities.

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