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Raisin - Meaning of Dream

If you had a dream about raisin, then, in reality, you will experience a fleeting romance or exciting sensual adventure. If you enjoy the taste of raisins, this dream prophesies that you won’t regret about succumbing to temptation and experiencing the fun.

If you bought raisins, it signifies that you are deadly tired of dull routine and numerous problems. You dream about exciting adventures and easy, carefree life.

If you had a chance to treat someone with raisins – get ready that people will blame you for excessive relaxedness and candor. If you methodically pulled out raisins from confectionery, such as muffins - chances are that you are spending too much mental and physical strength to sure failed job. Pause and think again whether you have to continue to deal with it.

If you ate raisins at home, it portends a big quarrel with neighbors. Maybe you won’t concur in some domestic issues. Try to control your emotions; otherwise the conflict will end up very badly. If you clearly saw raisins, but you can’t recall what you did with it in a dream, it tells that you are on the right track. Everything will shape well: success in business, luck, rapid career growth, happiness, love. Do not change the direction and you will achieve everything you want.

Miller said that if you ate raisin with pleasure, you will experience emptiness and lack of energy in a very crucial moment, when your hopes and dreams are about to come true. Urgently pull yourself together and proceed to the finish line; otherwise you may regret because of own weakness.

Freud interpreted eating of raisins as a little love affair. Ensnaring yourself without the slightest hesitation, you will jump in feet first and the maelstrom of passion will absorb you. There will not be the continuation of this affair; however you won’t regrets as well. You will only have pleasant, blood stirring memories.