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Rake - Meaning of Dream

Don’t get upset or panic, the dream with rake gives you the ability to change everything and understand where you made a mistake, and try to fix it.

Such kind of a dream gives us a chance to change future for the better, every dream has a meaning that you need to understand and perhaps as a result do something in order not to regret about lost opportunity. We see our lives only in rebus, which is not so simple and straightforward as it seems. You just need to concentrate on all important matters not to miss anything and then celebrate success.

Rake in the dream, is a bad sign, foretelling unfinished important business that must be completed as fast as possible. If you ask someone to do something for you, better delay the deal. Do not trust anyone, and do your business alone.

If you dream of a broken rake, is also foretells misfortune, often it means health problems, accident that affect your future plans, events, etc.

In any case, such a dream is a reason to correct own plans which will positively influence your future.

From a scientific point of view, after seen such dream, you shouldn’t relax or panic, you just need to manage important business alone and don’t reveal your secrets. Only in this case, you will have confidence that you are doing well and that no one is hurt, because there will always be detractors who try to spoil everything. In order to avoid such situation, try to do what was mentioned above and you will succeed.

Dream in which you used a rake to do some work in the garden or vegetable garden, warns that you should not rely on the responsibility and zeal for the work of other people, but independently perform your important tasks.

If you dream how other people rake leaves, it is a good omen, that promises a long-awaited joyous event that will happen in the life of someone you loved. You take an active part in the fate of this person, so share happiness.

Rake in the dream book of Miller. To dream of yourself with a rake in own hands, it means that important affair will not be finished by the time you decide to manage it alone without anyone’s help. Other people, who should also participate in the implementation of the deal, will decide to release and discharge from obligations, so you should not look for their cooperation and assistance.

If rakes or garden tools broke in your hands, then be prepared for the fact that your important plans and hopes were not destined to become a reality, since some accident will bring you lots of problems requiring urgent solutions, and it will knock you out of the usual rut of life.

The dream, in which you watched people working with rake, means that soon one of your good friends will be honored with dizzying success and you will be sincerely happy for this person.

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