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Ram - Meaning of Dream

Ram, is a symbol of animal origin, hopes and profit. However, the meaning of this symbol may vary, depending on the details of your dream.

For example, if the ram is preparing to attack, it may mean that you have a lot of enemies that can hurt you. Also, ram in the dream can impersonate your loved one if he/she is stubborn. Most likely, this is a very down to earth person who is guided in life only by own instincts and desires.

Ram, seen in the dream, foretells good fortune and unexpected joy. If you see a ram in the yard of a village house, be ready for material gain.

If you cut the ram in a dream, this dream promises you promotions and bargains. If you dream that you are buying a ram, it means the conclusion of a happy marriage. Mostly it is a subject to consideration for true bachelors.

If you caught a ram in the dream, it means in reality you will be able to overcome the obstacles.

To dream of a black ram, is a sign of failed in marriage. The bride or groom may actually be the wrong people for whom they are. Most likely, you will suffer a serious disappointment in this marriage.

If you dream that you are eating lamb, it is a sign that you will overcome the enemy and make a profit.

If a ram hits you with its horns in the dream, it means that you should be ready for quarrels and fear.

If you lead a ram back home, it means that you will suffer fatigue and poor health.

If you had a dream about a ram at night on Friday, be ready for success and advancement in professional affairs. Most likely, you will be able to make a rapid and brilliant career.

If the ram strikes you with its horns, you will experience strong and blind fear. Perhaps someone will try to attack you will armor.

If you dream you see a lot of ram, it portends prosperity, recognition and influence.

To ride a ram in the dream means that you will face a difficult situation from which you will not be able to find the way out.

According to Z. Freud, the functioning of numerous unconscious mechanisms can be purely explored in the dreams.

Based on the works of psychoanalytic Freud's dream book demonstrates that the mechanisms of conscious and unconscious functioning with a double power. In the dreams the realistic images appear particularly in interesting shape, from the depths of human memory occur long forgotten episodes.

Dreams affect with fantastic images that a person have never come across.

The dream about ram for a person with a stable sexual relationship, that his/her partner has a number of features which she/he uses in sexual life, in particular aggressiveness, earthiness, dull feeling oriented on permanent satisfaction of desires.