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Rape - Meaning of Dream

Before interpreting the dreams you need to know why this necessary is. Incredibly wrong is to think that such interpretations are absolutely useless, and they are not worth of wasting your time. People, who think in such a way, deprive themselves of the opportunity to learn important things.

Every dream has its meaning, in most cases the opposite to what you see. Indeed, a dream gives a lot of very important information that helps to prevent some events.

Therefore, if you had a dream about raping, you may be interested in the interpretation, which tells that you live the life of another, and go through happy and sad moments together.

Also, this dream can be interpreted as an unnecessary interference of other people in the life of a dreamer. They think that a dreamer feels lonely and useless to society. In order not to lose self-esteem, a person should try to change something in own life.

A dreamer, who witnesses the attempt for rape, has an incredibly strong impact on people in real life, but it is not always positive. The imposition of the opinion to others may have a negative effect on a dreamer, and soon he/she will be punished in the same way.

If a person is raped in a dream, it is a clear indication that in reality he/she is trying to serve everyone in order to extract the most benefit. For women, a dream about attempt for rape heralds the loss of the beloved, for married ladies this dream means a quick divorce.

If the girl recognized her rapist, then she will get to know terrible news about the grief of her friends. But if the rapist was in the mask or his face was invisible in the darkness, this dream advises to be very careful and attentive. The lightheadedness can bring trouble, which will discredit the honor and dignity and make a loved one break up the relations. For women holding leading posts, the attempts to get raped herald the achievement of long-sought goals in the near future.

It is worth noting that the dreams about raping that repeat may be the result of some sort of trauma. Such dreams may be a sign that in real life a person is susceptible to strong pressure from friends and relatives.

The dreams about rape are incredibly cruel and their meaning depends on the role, which a dreamer played there. In these dreams a person can act as a rapist, a victim or a passerby. It is very important to remember those feelings and emotions that you experienced in a dream.