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Raspberry - Meaning of Dream

Raspberries in a dream often predict a bright future full of delights. Besides, if you dream that you collect raspberries, it promises you a rich harvest or big money.

For people involved in agriculture, on the contrary, raspberries in a dream mean bad harvest. For children, raspberries in a dream will bring easy and carefree life.

Female dream book interprets raspberries in a dream as following: they indicate that you are confused in own affairs or undertakings. Soon you will have to deal with the problems and get back to the usual course of events.

If a woman eats raspberries in a dream, she may soon experience undeserved punishment. Another dream book says that raspberry seen in the dream means that you will receive good news or start a happy life.

But if you dream about planting raspberries, then you should be ready for some troubles. If you pick raspberries, then soon you will get married or have a new acquaintance.

Dream book for the whole family, says that raspberries mean charge in a crime you didn’t commit. At this period, after seeing such dream, you must be very careful, and avoid causing jealousy or suspicion from people around.

Twenty-first century dream book says that if you eat ripe raspberries in a dream, it is a sign of a great joy, profits or even additions to the family.

If you eat unripe raspberries, then you should be ready for tears and sadness.

If you collect raspberries in your garden in a dream, it is a sign of upcoming happy wedding with torrent of emotions.

If you dream of a raspberry bush, then you will be honored and respected. Dreaming about cooking raspberries for a jam means that your prosperity will rise.

Some dream books say that raspberries in a dream mean gossip about you.

If you dream of other people eating raspberries, it means that you will be a gossip initiator.

If you pick up raspberries in a dream, it means that you will have to solve family problems, and will probably need to show authoritativeness, but try to be fair and tolerant. If a man dreams of raspberry, perhaps he will understand that the best and wise solution in present situation is to give his partner the freedom of choice and action.

If you eat red raspberries in a dream, it means that it is an opportune time to begin to implement small projects. Remember that the mighty oak grows from an acorn. Therefore, in order to achieve success you need to be patient for some time. After all you will be surprise with the results of your work.

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