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Rat - Meaning of Dream

If you dream as if a rat sneaks in and attacks you, this is a bad sign, portending several unpleasant events at once. To properly understand what rat bites mean, it is necessary to consider the major details of a dream.

For most people, a rat is not a sweet and lovely creature, especially if it behaves aggressively. If you were bitten by a rat in your dream, then you must first of all be less talkative, try not to announce your plans to strangers, otherwise you may have insurmountable obstacles on the way to the goal.

If a nasty rodent bit your clothes and did not leave marks on your skin, this is a good dream foretelling success in all endeavors; if it bit your bare body - on the contrary, get ready for troubles created by a secret detractor.

If a rat bites your legs, it tells that your neighbors or acquaintances gossip behind your back: if it bites your heel, in the near future you will improve your financial position and status in society: if this happens with your toe – you will win in a lottery. If a rat bit your hand, this is a signal that you should not take other people's money; it can only bring your troubles.

If you see a rat biting another rat, this is a sign of being between the devil and the deep sea, particularly, participating in the quarrel.

In psychoanalytic dream book a rat is a symbol of inner anger of a dreamer because of the interference with the private life. If someone is trying to influence the consciousness of the dreamer, he/she is warned about these activities in the form of a dream in which a rat bites unbearably painful. It is worthy to have a special talisman or birthstone and carry it always with you; another advice is to go to church.

If you see blood in the spot where the rat bit you, it forebodes that some of your relatives will require your financial support for a long lasting treatment of a serious illness.

However, if you fight off the nasty rodent, you will defeat all diseases and misery. If you killed a rat, it is also a good omen - successful resolution of all the difficulties in life. If you caught a big rat and put it into a cage, this is a sign of a temporary improvement in all affairs.

It is important to remember the color of the animal. The attack of a white rat warns not to trust a pretty-looking friend, she can turn out to be a tricky and dangerous enemy; black rat - you need to pay attention to the behavior of your colleagues or acquaintances, they may want to revenge for the old sins. If a grey rat bites your friend or a relative, it is possible that these people will soon get a minor injury or slight disease.

If you are in love and dream as if a rat scratches and bites you, this is a herald that your object of love will soon pay attention to another person. For married people this dream foreshadows scandals due to mutual claims against each other. You should be more attentive to your partner and arrange joint holiday or vacation.

A dream, in which you were attacked by a horde of amok rats, portends difficulties in current situation. If only one rat bites you, it will be possible to solve all the problems on your own.