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Razor - Meaning of Dream


A razor in your dream is totally an unfavorable sign which symbolizes conflicts, low spirits and even danger.

If you’re presenting a razor to someone or someone is giving it to you in your dream, it means that your expectations won’t be justified in the future. It refers both to some events and people. Someone will betray your trust. You’d hardly prevent it because you didn’t expect it from that very person. You’d suffer material losses as well as mental ones. But now you know that there is such a possibility. Forewarned is forearmed. Keep your eyes open.

If a razor in your dream is sharp, it may betoken a stream of destructive criticism towards you; or you may have serious conflicts with the members of your surroundings. If you know for sure that criticism is groundless, then don’t pay attention to it and follow your way. If you feel that a conflict is about to happen but you know how to neutralize it, do it. Then nothing will be said what you’ll probably regret about.

Seeing a blunt razor in your dream implies that there is a possibility that you won’t achieve your aim. Don’t be depressed about it. There may be the circumstances you won’t be able to affect, the ones beyond your control. Some another dream will necessarily come true, if not this one.

If you’ve hurt yourself with a razor in a dream, it also warns you against beginning some serious projects, getting down to a responsible work in the nearest future because your efforts won’t be crowned with success.

Shaving in your dream means that you can be deceived soon. Keep a weather eye open. Make sure that you can trust at least your closest friends.

If a girl/woman is seeing in her dream a man who is shaving, it means that probably she won’t be strong enough to resist some temptation. Whether it’ll be a mistake or not see what happens.

If your skin is smooth after shaving in your dream, it signifies that everything will complete the full circle in your life. At last, you’ll become calm and peaceful. All difficulties will be overcome, and you’ll be satisfied with the stream of your life again. Peace and rest is what you need right now.

Although, seeing that someone is shaving in your dream is a good sign. It represents that you can easily get down to your beginnings. They promise you great success and profit. Spare no effort, and you’ll gain everything you want.

But being unsatisfied with the result of shaving in your dream bodes some petty family misunderstandings. Don’t call a spade a spade. Probably, this will help you to avoid them.

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