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Red - Meaning of Dream


A meaning of a red color cannot be interpreted unambiguously. It has several meanings. Some of them even contradict the rest. This color is a color of love and passion. In China it refers to the nature of a person. If a person is sincere, he/she can be called “a red heart”; if not, “a black heart”. It also can be a symbol of fire and blood as well as hostility, war and revenge. A red color is associated with fight, rebellion and revolution in some cultures. At the same time it is a color of splendor and wealth.

For example, in the countries of the Far East a red color embodies winged sentiments, new life, success and happiness. In China brides put on red dresses as a symbol of faithfulness and belief; in India – as a symbol of purity. The European brides never put on wedding dresses of this color (although, there can be some elements in red on them) because in Europe it is a color of depravity. The inhabitants of the Southern Africa and Egypt grasp a red color as the one of grief.

A red color totally corresponds with a choleric temperament. You are passionate, fast, emotional, quickly exhausting, your mood changes quite often. This color stimulates different life and creative kinds of energy; it prompts us to decisive and quick conclusions.

This color has its special influence on human organism. It stimulates our nervous system, releases adrenalin, improves blood circulation and raises sexual chemistry.

Seeing a dream where this very color is prevailing means that you can hardly control yourself in different situations of your life. It doesn’t make any difference for you where to make a fuss – in your office, at home, in a café or a shop. Your family always points you at your explosive behavior. You’d rather listen to them. You may be confronted by a lot of difficulties even in the simplest situations. They don’t want you to change entirely; they just want you to take some things easier.

A red color in your dream may also denote anxiety and agitation. Try to clear everything up. Maybe, there is no sense to worry. If there is, find out whether you can be helpful.

If there are red apples in your dream, it is a favorable sign. It presages success and prosperity. Good luck will face your business affairs and your affaire d'amour as well.

In its turn, seeing red-hot iron in your dream is an omen of misfortune. It cautions you that there are high chances that you won’t succeed in some business. Don’t give up! Find out whether there is a possibility that it’ll happen because of your mistake. If yes, try to improve the situation. Make honest efforts and you’ll necessarily achieve what you want.

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