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Reed - Meaning of Dream

Reed in your dream is a warning about the need to think over every step in the next few days, because you can take the unnecessary initiative, which, as you know, is punishable. If you do not think about possible consequences of your actions, you will find yourself in a situation which will be hard to cope with. Particularly dangerous is the excessive charity, which you sometimes make at the completely wrong address.

If you dream of reed the last three days of the week (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), it can predict the celebration with plenty of alcohol. This dream is a warning that alcohol causes many problems. If you dream that you gather reeds, your business reputation may suffer through your fault.

If you dream of cut reed, in reality, you are going to have some insurmountable barriers on the way to success. The struggle may be meaningless, so it's best to wait or think about the retreat.

According to Miller, growing reed is a harbinger of good luck. It tells that a dreamer will quickly move on the way to own dream. If you cut reeds, this is an unfavorable sign. A dream with reed may predict the collapse of all plans and undertakings.

In Vanga’s dream book, a beach of a pond overgrown with reeds predicts success in all spheres of life, including material prosperity. If you dream of burning reeds, be ready for money problems, many setbacks and losses.

If someone presented you a bouquet gathered mostly of reeds, it tells that you will face the ambiguous situation. Dry reed in your dream indicates that you have entered a period of depression. The next few days will be marked with a sad mood.

If you cut your hands with the stems or leaves of reeds, you have to undergo certain sacrifices in order to fulfill your desires.