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Rent / Lease - Meaning of Dream

A dream, in which you rescind a rent in your discretion, means that your spouse will try to break up the relationship with you.

If you dream that you quarrel with a landlord in a dream, it means that in reality you will have a fun party with friends and girlfriends.

If you rent any utility room it heralds a new acquaintance. In this case, if it is a flat, you will become a married person very soon. The appearance of an apartment will tell you about the level of your marriage success. If it is clean and comfortable, hence the forthcoming marriage will be prosperous.

If you see yourself as a landlord leasing own flat to a stranger, it means that in real life your partner has an intention to have a lover or a mistress. Dreams about building and related activities, in most cases refer to situations in personal relationships of a dreamer.

If you rent a whole house, you will meet and start cooperation with people who are engaged in business. If you rent a plot of land, this dream foretells that in the near future you will sign a big contract, which will bring you fast profits.

If you know that you need to pay your rent and you put all efforts to do that, in means that in real life you have all chances to solve all your financial problems.

If case, despite all the efforts you are not able to pay in time, this dream predicts that in real world you will face financial problems.

If you dream of production area rent, it means that your business will develop.

If you lease a bus, it means that soon you will go on a long trip. If you sign a lease agreement it means that in the near future there will be a positive change in the relationship with your business partners.